A Sustainable Solution for World Hunger

World Hunger Solution will plant over 105 Billion trees world-wide and end humanity's primary cause of death, which is hunger.

“Moringa shows great promise as a tool to help overcome some of the most severe problems in the developing world—malnutrition, deforestation, impure water and poverty. The tree does best in the dry regions where these problems are worst.”
- Andrew Young, frmr U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

World hunger solution was born when two young men, Anthony Grynchal and Manraj Samra crossed paths during college at Cal Poly Pomona. Manraj and Anthony, passionate about helping other people, knew they have a higher purpose of being put on this earth. They have a very spiritual understating that human life is of the utmost importance, and decided to not only be each other “brothers keeper,” but for everyone else as well. At its core, this is a simple idea. From this simple idea arises a simple question; what is the primary cause of death of the human race? The answer is hunger. After researching issues facing different parts of the world, and contemplating solutions to the problems, such as logistics to delivering foods overseas, they could not find a solution.

Manraj and Anthony had one prayer in common, and that was for God to give them the ability to work through them to end world hunger, no matter where the journey took them. In 2010, Anthony and Manraj found themselves at Cal Poly Pomona’s regenerative studies program. The programs vision Is "for the Lyle Center to be recognized for its collective impact toward a sustainable future, convening diverse groups of students, academic experts, policy makers and community members committed to catalyzing pro-environmental change”. “The lyle center is designed to create a sustainable future given all variables at play, environmental, economic and social sustainability projects. Regenerative studies places emphasis on the development of community support systems that restore, and revitalize through the integration of "natural processes, community action and human behavior". The program not only conserves critical natural resources it enhances them over time”.

Analyzing this model, Anthony and Manraj began researching and found out that the regenerative studies model could not fully sustain human life without importing resources. To answer a simple question there must be a simple solution. The Native American Indians survived not because of their hunting techniques, but because of their ability to grow what is called the “3 sisters”. These are corn, black beans and squash. This provided a consistent food supply year long and the crops naturally tilled the soil. This was essential to survival because if the hunting was bad, the “3 sisters would provide”. Manraj and Anthony then took this information and traveled the world to find “something" that would replace the corn in the model that would be more beneficial. They found a tree that has been around for thousands of years. The tree is called Moringa Oleifera. They simply removed the corn from the “3 sisters” model and replaced it with the Moringa oleifera tree, plugged it into the regenerative studies program and completed the model. The new model was named the "modern 3 sisters” by Anthony and Manraj. The modern 3 sisters = Moringa oleifera tree, black beans that grow up the tree, and tromboncino squash in-between.

In 2010, this was an eastern idea not western. The United Nations, World health organization or any major organization in the United States that was credible did not back Moringa oleifera or support any of its claims. Anthony decided on blind faith at the age of 20 to eat nothing but the Moringa oleifera leaf powder for 1 year straight. This was proof, Moringa oleifera was a very credible source of nutrients and enzymes for the body. It was then after a human trial was performed on Anthony himself that they knew that this tree was the answer. Anthony and Manraj constructed a model and the design is to end world hunger by planting 105 billion Moringa oleifera trees world wide.

The Moringa Oleifera tree serves several purposes other than its nutritional benefits, its seeds from its pods purifies water, its roots naturally till/ revitalize the soil and its leaves absorbs carbon 50 times greater than the general vegetation. The tree originates from the backside of the Himalayas in north western India and is cultivated throughout the tropics. Moringa olifera tree is known throughout the eastern worlds as never die along with many African languages. The Moringa tree was discovered in Northern India where it was first described around 2000 BC as the “medicinal herb”- widely known as the miracle tree.

Manraj and Anthony after years of research traveled to northern India with the purpose to implement their model at a large scale.They started small, going door to door in villages to anyone and everyone who would listen. They met with local community leaders to ask their hand in achieving there only purpose in life, to end world hunger. Slowly, they were able to convince individuals to let them grow on their land, starting small and exponentially growing. The people saw the goodwill and selflessness of these individuals and joined hand in hand in nurturing this model. Like a wildfire, word spread to neighboring villages and cities. Land was donated to the cause, volunteers showed up in busloads to help with planting, irrigating, and continuing the work for WHS. There they became one with the people and gained support from individuals, community leaders and politicians. However, with this attention also came negative issues, such as corrupt politicians trying to capitalize on the goodwill of WHS. Many came for the hopes of making money off of WHS or wanting kickbacks or “greasing the wheels” of democracy. Anthony and Manraj persevered through this, seeing it as a test from God. Knowing they were right in their place and mission, they continued forth, knowing aid would come when it was needed. Day by day, they received the labor and material capitol needed to start our mission to plant 105 billion Moringa oleifera trees. They chose Punjab as a starting base because of its fertile soil on earth, and the selflessness of its people. Punjab has been known as the breadbasket of India, it will soon be known as the bread basket of Asia. It is strategically well located. An issue Anthony and Manraj faced was the logistics of transporting food across countries. The simple solution was to have different developments across the world. After Punjab, it is Nigeria. Nigeria will serve as the core to all of Africa.

As we continued to research the Moringa Oliver not only fully nourishes a human being, it naturally vitalizes the soil, the seeds aid in filtering water and the carbon absorption is 50 times greater than the general vegetation. The morings oleifera is also great for cattle and live stock. In planting the Moringa oleifera trees in Punjab, India we served the people the best way we knew how. Every tree we planted we started the process of replenishing the peoples soil. The Moringa oleifera seeds we crush and put into the local wells and water supply purifying the water for not only the people but animals as well. We help restore the health of the people by integrating it into their food supply. The cows, goats and sheep ate the leaves which we later found to make them extremely healthy as well.

During this mission in India, it was discovered that the people of India suffer from the same primary cause of death as the people in the United States. The primary cause of death of the people in India and The United States is heart failure. Heart failure stems from the pesticides and Genetically modified organisms in the food supply. This method of mass producing food kills all the enzymes in the food supply. The enzymes in the food supply is like the “spark in the ignition of a car”, it is the catalyst to all movement. Enzymes take all the proteins, vitamins, nutriens, amino acids, etc and defuses it throughout the body. Enzymes also excrete waste from the human body. It is the lack of enzymes in the food supply in the United States and India that is killing the people. Moringa oleifera leaf powder consists of the most potent source of enzymes on the planet!! We are World Hunger Solution and we want to mass produce the trees of life in the high deserts of southern California. The model will help in replenishing the soil of the desert, and Southern California will be the core of North America. We will feed the people and allow them to receive their God given right to nutrition and a healthy body. We will mass produce the Moringa oleifera trees in Southern California and feed the people in the parishes, shelters and churches in need. In giving the people the proper nutrition they need they will be able to think more clearly, make better decisions, and improve not only their lives but the lives around the by giving themselves to other causes.

Join us in our mission to plant 105 billion Moringa oleifera trees by 2030. In doing so we will provide food, shelter, clothing and jobs to the people. We will eradicate malnutrition world wide and end humanities primary cause of death; hunger. In doing so we will purify air, water and the soil for future generations. Since 2010when no one believed in us, here we are in 2017 and in recent years the United Nations and world health organization have declared the Moringa oleifera tree the primary combat towards malnutrition. The Moringa oleifera leaf powder is now one of the top selling vitamins in the United States. Join us to be the first to mass produce the mornings oleifera tree in southern California. The medeterainian climate for parts of the year mimic India and Africa where the tree grow.


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